Why Augment Reality

Why Augment Reality.

So Why I Am Hyping The Augment Reality. ‘Cause Its The New Big Thing’ 

Augment Reality Is Not In Highlight But Improving Drastically.

Here Is A Video Of A Quick Start Guide Before I Continue.


I Hope You Got The Hype

But The Question Remained Why Augment Reality.

Augment Reality Expected Growth

As Rise Of Covid 19 Situation People Stays More At Home. And This Cause More People At Home To Be Active On Their Smartphone. Making Online Businesses Boom As The Rise of Online Businesses (E-Commerce, Agencies, Startups, Brands) To Leverage Internet.

But Internet Is Tough To Crack As It Run On Data,& Data Shows The Audience Business Leverage For Making Profits. Has Certainly Declined


People Attention Span Over Years.
We Have A Average Attention Span Of 5sec So If Something ins’t Good Or Catching We Pass On.

Now Where Augment Reality Stands To Actually Engage Audience With A Experience


'Experience Are Memorable'

Such Augment Reality Creates Strong Recall To Your Audience Making Audience Largely Engaged To Content.

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By shaswat

Hey I Am Shaswat A Augment Reality Creator Running This illusioniar.com a augment reality startup.

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